4 Ways to pull off Trendy Casual Fashion

Mix it up; Blend the formal with the informal

First, casual chic attire only calls for a little forethought and a long look inside your closet. You probably already have the mix you need. To pull off a trendy casual fashion style only requires you mix a dressy element with a less formal, more relaxed element. Pick a dressy, most feminine blouse and pair it with a leather jacket, blazer, or nice leggings. Flip it! Get out those tailored black or navy slacks and add a top with spaghetti straps. Finish off the look with large fashion jewelry. 

Here you want to be aware of the difference between smart casual and cute casual. Cute casual is always informal, where as, smart casual can be either formal or informal. Well fitted is the key here.   

Contrast; Make Your Outfit Pop

Second, take your little black dress and add color by contrasting. Contrast your shoes and sandals in white, red, even yellow. If you like the belted look, do the same here by adding access colors. If you don’t like belts, try adding a tie or scarf to the mix.

For contrast on a more casual level, pair skinny jeans and pants with a loose fitting top. Add even more contrast by wearing light with dark or white or visa-versa, dark with light. This can also be accomplished with a tight top, such as a jacket and a billowy skirt. 

Be Smart, Look Smart

Third, is to aim for a refined, polished look. Something like smart casual over cute casual. Your wardrobe garments should be elegant and comfortable. When possible, tailor your smart look for the occasion. By contrasting and blending, you could be ready for most anything. Speaking of being ready for anything, recently, I attended a very formal wedding. The bride, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom were the utmost, traditionally dressed. However, the bride’s maids were in bridal, light blue pantsuits. No more ugly bridesmaid dresses for these girls. The look was clearly July summer, casual, wide leg jumpsuit as they walked down the aisle. Culottes come to mind. 

Goal, Be Chic in any Attire

Lastly, have fun. Love what you wear. Today’s functions and occasions are all about attending in chic style. New materials have given us more choices with more comfort. Thank you Spandex! It is best to buy a few quality pieces. Prices vary with fashion, however, we don’t all have to dress like Princess Kate.  

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