Casual Christian comedy allows us to make fun of our humanity without vulgarities.

The Funny Thing About Christian Comedy

Have you ever wondered why Cristian comedy is so funny? I ask because it speaks to the core of our human behavior and weakness as a Christian. We laugh and we identify. Mostly it is because we humanly stepped over the boundaries of moral code. Here, to laugh is to be blessed. Why are we blessed, you ask? 

You would think it would be quite the opposite. Laughing out loud at our missteps of Christianity, is that even right? Well, making wrong choices in life is inevitable. Comedy is a venue for realization of just that, messing up. Many times Christian comedians hand us our flawed humanity on a platter. In other words, whether they point it out directly, or tell us in the first person, it will still hit home with a humorous sting. 

So much vulgarity and filth in comedy today

You have to know us Christians, to understand. Today, there is so much vulgarity and filth in comedy. As Christians, in our comedy,  we don’t rely on such low level humor yet it’s still casual Christian humor. Could it be, we just don’t relate? Humor provides a teachable moment. Consequentially, we see no humor in vulgarity and filth because we do not have a social or sympathetic relationship to that world. In essence, we find no apparent lesson to be learned, therefore, it is not funny.

10 Benefits of Laughter

  1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, non-pharmacological
  2. Positive effect on the immune system
  3. Improves the quality of life
  4. Positive sensation
  5. Laughter can alter dopamine and serotonin activity
  6. Could improve physical, psychological, social relationships
  7. Decreases stress-making hormones in the blood
  8. Enhances intake of oxygen-rich air
  9. Stimulates circulation, heart, lungs and muscles
  10. Increase personal satisfaction; coping with difficulties and connecting with people   
Christian comedy allows us to reflect on our humanity with humor but without vulgarities.
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By the way, Christian comedy, and laughter, can bring us to a point of positive realization in our world. Above all, in our world, we have the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ. Laughing could help us regain the right boundaries while giving us many great benefits in the process.      

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