Knock on wood for hope, but more importantly, let Jesus help.

Knock on Wood

The Battle of Being a Christian

Every hour, every day the battle is ongoing and foregoing…knock on wood. Take heart. These battles win the war with the small steps. Every decision we make as a Christian is rooted in the faith and belief of Jesus Christ. Each day, many times a day, situations come to us to use the power given to us in the word. It’s a hard call. Sometimes taking a hard stand and putting ourselves out on the fringe creates an emotional uneasiness, leads to doubt and loss of control. 

For example, one Sunday at church while chatting with one of the elders. He was relating to me how his business had been going well and hoped it would continue. At that point, reaching up to the wood frame of the bulletin board, he said, “Knock on wood.” Physically, my eyeballs grew twice as big as usual. In my head, my internal dialog said, “What do I say? This is an Elder!” To this day, I hope the look on my face and my ginormous eyeballs was enough nonveral communication to get my point across because my verbal communication was non-existent. 

Consider the ORGIN

In our culture today, knocking on wood is just a cute, whimsical saying with no harmful meaning attached. However, the ritual process of knocking on wood is a common superstition. A superstition based on an ancient pagan culture, such as the Celts, who believed spirits and gods resided in trees. Knocking on wood arose said spirits to aid in protection or for showing gratitude for good for a stroke of good luck. Another thought process of knocking on wood by many today is that by practicing this technique it will prevent evil spirits from listening to your boastfully good fortune and not disrupt your windfall and which will cause a reversal of good luck.  

CONCLUSION – Use your sense of control

So, why would a Christian knock on wood? Anxiety maybe. Prominent Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, who studied social theory paradigms in the early 1900s, had a theory called the anxiety-ritual theory. Malinowski stated that anxiety created by uncertainty leads people to turn to magic or ritual to gain a sense of control. 

We have control in Jesus. Don’t have to knock on wood for this to be true. 

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