A Case for Christ book summary

The Case for Christ book summary

When I am choosing books to read, I do not stick to certain genres. Instead, I look for books that appear intriguing or those where I can learn something new. When I came across the book, The Case for Christ, I knew it met all my requirements. I decided to add it to my stack of books to read when I got the chance. Well, I finally found the time to read it and now am ready to share my thoughts. So, here is The Case for Christ book summary so many people have been waiting for! 


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The Case for Christ book summary

When I began reading this book, it was easy to tell the author has been writing for some time. In the beginning, he shared how he had been a crime journalist for many years. He sat for hours in courtrooms and even dark basements and storage rooms doing research. Having that knowledge led me to believe he would use the same strong work ethic to deliver an excellent book. 

Of course, my interest was also piqued, because the author was a self-proclaimed atheist and I wanted to see how his beliefs would reflect the information he shared throughout the book. 

Each chapter of this book begins with a court case from the past. Seeing that was a little confusing at first, but then I saw how the author used those cases to show us how they related to Jesus and the truths he was searching for. As I continued reading, I looked forward to these little snippets of case information. Each one made me understand how so many things are actually relatable, even when they seemingly have nothing to do with each other. 

I was personally amazed at how the author took the time to personally interview thirteen different people for this book. And not by phone either. No, he spent his time driving or flying to meet with each individual in person! Whether he was talking to a theologian, forensic pathologist, historian, archaeologist, psychologist, or a person who took an interest in Christ despite being Jewish, he was in the same room with them. 

Since the author was looking for the truth as it pertains to the information shared in the Bible and about Jesus, you better believe he had some pretty incredible questions. However, I could tell that he chose the perfect people to interview, because his questions were answered completely. A few of the interviewees spoke from their hearts, while others spoke from their lengthy research. 

I will be honest here. It took quite some time to read this book. It is definitely not a book you can pick up and read in two hours or less. After all, each chapter is filled with so much information. Plus, the end of each chapter has discussion questions, as well as additional reading material you may want to consider perusing in the future. 

I know E-books are all the rage right now, but if you can possibly get a physical copy of this book, please do! There are going to be sections you will want to highlight and notes you will want to place directly on a page. I did that myself and I can’t wait to go back to re-read some sections and delve deeper into a few topics. 


I can wholeheartedly say that this is a book anyone can read. Whether you are already a Christian, considering learning more about Jesus, or are like the author in more ways than one, this is a book for you. It’s one of the most well-written and informative Christian books I’ve run across. I learned a lot from this book and if you take the time to read it, you will walk away with answers and information you never knew you were looking for. There are so many other things I could write in my personal The Case for Christ book summary, but I know you will get a lot more out of the book than reading an even longer review. 

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