Christian teens - how hard is it to grow up a Christian in a secular world?

Christian Teens – How Difficult is It to be a Christian Teenager Today?

Christian teenagers don’t have it easy nowadays. There are so many different ways they can be influenced by others in the world. And despite all Christian teens’ best efforts, they can be swayed in ways they never thought possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of Christian youth activities available to keep teenagers on the right path in life and maintain as well as strengthen Christian values

Christian Teens – Movies, Books and Apparel.


There are so many movies out there for teens to watch. Some of those movies can hold valuable advice for teenagers, while others promote violence, sex, and so much more. As a Christian teenager is advancing in age, they are going to be tempted to watch movies they shouldn’t. And they will watch some of those movies. However, it is how they process what they see in those movies that will make a difference. 

Today, teenagers don’t always want to talk to parents or other adults about their struggles. But this is a crucial step for any teenager who is trying to follow a Christian-like path in life. Converse with your teen. If you are a parent to a Christian teen, we recommend talking to your teenager about popular movies or even television shows. Get that conversation going. Start the dialog and gain the trust. This way they know they can come to you with any conflicting thoughts they may be having at any time. 

Options? You may also want to make sure your teen has plenty of Christian movies and television shows to choose from when they want to watch something during their downtime. Those movies will help instill the qualities you want in your teen. 


Do you have an avid reader? Teenagers can be avid readers. Yet, it can be difficult to choose books that are filled with Christian content and good morals. In public school, they are reading books about wars, relationships, and other difficult topics. While these books can be helpful in average learning and necessary for school, topics can be difficult to process. 

Christian teenagers are always searching for books that they can relate to. They want to see the good in everything and have those happy endings. Good news. There are many Christian books teenagers can choose from, so they won’t need to give up reading as their favorite pastime. 

The Right Clothing Choices

Clothing can be very polarizing, positive and negative. Christian teens want to fit in with their friends and wear cool clothes when they leave their home. Teenagers today have such a variety of clothes to choose from. Some may not fit the standards of Christian teens. Like, walking around in tight pants, too short shorts, and barely existent shirts is not something that is encouraged in a Christian teens’ life.

Picking out clothes that are acceptable for a Christian is probably one of the worst issues of a Christian teen in today’s world. There is such a desire to fit in and be like everyone else! Thankfully, there are so many wonderful Christian clothing choices available to teens today. And when a Christian teen wears Christian clothing, they will feel as if they are wearing clothes just like their friends are. There just won’t be any slang words or inappropriate graphics on any of it. 

Teenage Activities and Friends Go Hand in Hand

Teens have always felt pressured to go with the crowd, even if it means doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. Christian teens may find themselves feeling pressured to attend parties where alcohol or drugs are present. They may be encouraged to hang out in places where certain friends are practicing their shoplifting skills. 

The list of teenage activities like those could go on and on. However, Christian teens who have chosen appropriate friends will not need to worry about all those scenarios. Instead, they can hang out at the mall with their friends, simply having a good time while grabbing a burger. They can go to the movies, understanding they can go home and talk to their parents about what they experienced while watching the movie. 

Friends: School vs Church

Most Christian teens will find that they have two groups of friends. Those from school and those from church. Sometimes those friends will intermingle and other times, they will not. This alone can be difficult for a teenager, because they will never want to feel like they are leaving any of their friends out. 

However, teens who are not Christians will not always want to attend Christian youth activities. Whereas Christian teens will not always feel comfortable joining in on the fun outside Christian youth activities. 

Growing up as a Christian teenager has always been difficult enough. But doing it in today’s society brings its own challenges. Most Christian teenagers will feel conflicted so many times throughout this time in their life. While they will know the difference between what they should do and what they shouldn’t, there are going to be times when they choose the wrong one. 

Healthy, Christian Support System

This is where God’s patience comes in, as well as the love of family. The only way a Christian teen can get through these important years is with the love and faith of their family, Christian friends, and God. Family and friends can make sure all Christian teens have a healthy supply of Christian movies, books, and apparel to choose from. They can make sure they are available when a Christian teenager needs to talk, while also supplying incredible Christian youth activities to participate in. 

Christian teens do not have it easy in today’s world. But that doesn’t mean they cannot follow their desire. The desire to live a Christian life, while still fitting in with all their friends. One of the best ways to do this is with Christian youth activities, but there are many other options available to teens who are looking to follow God’s path. 

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