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Say it Without Ever Talking

What you wear says a lot about you. We are not always in conversation where we can speak our thoughts to one another conveying our stand on sports, politics, community or how we feel in general about humanity. However, our clothes can send a quick message to others without having to utter a word. What is nice about a message from a tee-shirt is that you don’t even have to defend or justify your choice. It’s just a shirt, right? 

Actually, a tee-shirt with a message is almost a badge of honor. Quickly relating to others a story. A story about how you feel, what you did, and even who you prefer to things with. With a blink of an eye or a quick glance, your shirt tells a historical story or undertaking, such as, the last 5K run you did, what year you did it, and what group you did it with. Do you like pets? If your shirt says “Dog Mom” or “Puppies are my Passion” I’m guessing, at a glance, you not only like pets, you love pets. Not only that, I can venture to say you have a dog, feed a dog, walk a dog and support the ASPCA. 

Wear Your Word

With modern Christian apparel we have the same opportunity. Within the time frame of a glance, you can send an upbeat message. Just live your life as a Christian in the comfort of your favorite tee-shirt. Enjoy. Even if you just choose a symbol or an icon, message received by anyone who made eye contact with your shirt. 

How about an uplifting message to others with your Christian apparel? These shirts are great for telling others about how you feel because, as a Christian, you do care. Tee-shirts are significant mood elevators. Messages like, “Have a Blessed Day” or the simple word, “Love” sends the reader a positive reinforcement and emotional support for a brief, glancing moment.     

Myself, I have always wanted to stop the guy in the tee-shirt that has “Lotto Winner” on the back of the shirt and ask, “Just how much did you win to get that shirt?” Maybe, just maybe, someone will stop you and ask about your tee-shirt.  

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