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Mac Miller’s “Good News”



The rapper’s posthumously released song echoes the gospel in ways that go beyond its title.



Harley Quinn and Degrees of Sin



A movie made up mostly of villains, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey prompts the question: are some sins worse than others?



Drive-By Truckers’ “Thoughts and Prayers”



A snarky protest song from the Georgia rock band also functions as a Christian call to action.



Hair Love and Church Love



The Oscar-winning short celebrates cultural pride and encourages representation. As the body of believers, we’re called to do the same.



The Good Place’s Eternal Finale



The series ended with a nod to Buddhism, while also making space for the Christian rhythm of grace.



Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR and Art as an Act of Service



On the Grammy-winning album - and in his live performance - Tyler, the Creator submits to his creation.



What Netflix’s Messiah Gets Right About Jesus



Like the biblical Christ, this modern messiah resists human categories, demanding we lay down our agendas if we are to follow him.



1917’s Wayfaring Strangers



The war movie honors our longing to leave this ravaged world, while also expressing hope in God’s plan to redeem it.



A Crisis of Faith on The Crown



In Season 3 of the Netflix series, Prince Philip finds faith on the far side of the moon.



If You Believe in Just Mercy, You’ll Do More Than Buy a Ticket to Just Mercy



The historical drama suggests that if Christians want to do justice, we must move toward suffering, not away from it.



Hope for The Witcher



Can the Good News even reach Yennefer, a sorceress lost to ruthless ambition and dark magic?



The Agape Undercurrent of Modern Love



When it resists schmaltz and facile romance, the Amazon series echoes the greater love offered to all of us.



Black Jesus: Blasphemous or Biblical?



Irreverent humor aside, the Adult Swim sitcom depicts a Christ who brings grace and healing to society’s outcasts.



The Rise of Skywalker and Spiritual Adoption



In the Star Wars conclusion, Rey is both sinful and righteous, broken yet adopted by grace.



Masking Our Pain in Watchmen



By seeking both justice and healing, the HBO series nods to the ways of our righteous God.



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