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What Christian Leaders Can Learn from Beyoncé’s Homecoming



In sharing the stage with some 200 other performers, Beyoncé reminds us that biblical leadership means building community.



Veronica Mars and Christian Self-Care



The character’s crisis allows us to consider our own limits - and true source of strength.



Mysterio’s Magic Trick



In Spider-Man: Far From Home, a new character to the MCU demonstrates the difference between being a symbol and being a servant.



Chance the Rapper’s Wedding Invitation



The Big Day invites us to celebrate God’s providence over all our days — sacred and profane, big and small.



How Toni Morrison Countered the Canon



By telling African-American stories with mastery and aplomb, the late author enriched the fabric of God’s grand, gospel narrative.



Fake News and True Lies in HBO’s Chernobyl



A parable for our current political landscape, the HBO mini-series reminds us that the truth - even if it’s inconvenient - will set us free.



Elliott Smith’s Spiritual Permission Slips



The gifted musician, who would have turned 50 in 2019, specialized in psalm-like songs that allowed us to mourn with those who mourn.



The Sacred Imagination of Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood



Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood fantasy helps two very different actors recognize their potential as created, creative beings.



Defeating the Darkness in PBS’ Endeavour



A dire sign of the times, season six of the British series also meets the Christian ache for justice.



Anima: Where Choreography Meets Theology



The Paul Thomas Anderson-Thom Yorke collaboration calls for a new kind of liturgical dance.



Powers, Principalities, and Other Stranger Things



Despite its 1980s setting, Stranger Things mirrors the New Testament more than our modern day.



The Original Sin of Batman: Damned



DC’s Black Label comic is a mature murder mystery with a theological twist.



Miley Cyrus and Unholy Sex



Is it possible that the provocative pop star doesn’t give sex enough credit?



Ari Aster’s Mouths of Madness



Midsommar suggests that if a wailing soul is not met with unconditional love, darker spiritual forces may move in to fill the gap.



Glimpsing the Almighty in My Hero Academia’s All Might



In season three of My Hero Academia, sovereignty involves sacrifice.



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