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Fleabag’s Fourth-Wall Confessions



In Season 2 of the Emmy-winning series, the hot priest isn’t the only one who represents a divine listening presence.



1619: Looking Back to Move Forward



A modern musical about African-American history serves as a biblical act of remembrance.



Joker’s Dark Dilemma



When we’ve seen the worst — in society, in others, in ourselves, in Joker — how are we called to respond?



The Good Place Isn’t Fair



In its final season, The Good Place will have to decide if we’re justified by works or by grace.



Blest be the Thread that Binds



On Threads, Sheryl Crow demonstrates that in song, friendship, and faith, we are always better together.



What I Learned about Church at a Twenty One Pilots’ Concert



The band’s Bandito tour served as a stunning case study for what corporate worship could be.



Finding Hope in Hobbit Day



A chance to celebrate all things Tolkien is also a reminder of the ways his beloved hobbits model gratitude, fortitude, and faith.



How to Play The Witness with Humility



The captivating video game encourages anthropocentric achievement, but there is another way of playing.



It Chapter Two and the Fears We All Face



By admitting we’re scared losers, as the heroes of the Stephen King adaptation do, we open ourselves up to accepting God’s grace.



Taylor Swift’s Telos



On Lover, the pop icon rightly understands that we are what we love. But love can be even bigger than the album imagines.



Last Chance U: Where Weakness Isn’t Allowed



In Netflix’s college football series, the idol of invincibility rears its ugly head.



Signs and Wonder on Bon Iver’s i,i



Much like David in Psalm 8, Justin Vernon’s latest release expresses poetic awe at the miracle of being alive.



I Am Mother: When Your Childhood Faith Feels False



For young Christians questioning the religion of their youth, the Netflix sci-fi film may carry special resonance.



The Boys Takes on Corporatized Christianity



A pointed episode of the Amazon superhero series suggests that faith built on power is no faith at all.



Wizards Unite: When Story Gets Woven into Everyday Life



The Harry Potter mobile game reminds us that God’s story can also be an invigorating part of our daily routines.



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